Darth Maul Play Arts Kai Action Figure


Darth Maul Play Arts Kai Action Figure has tattoo with a red and black of beautiful contrast, which is a feature of Darth Maul, in addition the Play Arts Kai taste, has undergone a transformation in the strong design of the attack color was hear the edge. You can decide also good-looking static or dynamic posing.

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Square-Enix’s Play Arts Kai line has revealed Star Wars villain Darth Maul Action Figure. Darth Maul Play Arts Kai Action Figure comes with two regular lightsaber shafts and two red energy beams that can be placed in either the dual-saber or the two single sabers depending on what suits your fancy. Although the Play Arts line is known for its reimagining of iconic characters, the Darth Maul figure takes a familiar, albeit sinister, approach.


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