Darth Vader Play Arts Kai Action Figure


Darth Vader Play Arts Kai Action Figure is accessorized with 2 different light sabers and 6 different variants of Vader’s Fist (Pun intended to pay tribute to the 501st Legion). One of the lightsabers is a classic lightsaber, while the other is a lightsaber in motion, which I thought was really flashy and unique. One of Vader’s fist also features a red force fire on his palm, giving the effect of Darth Vader emitting energy with his hands.

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For Darth Vader, you could see the folds of the cloth parts, circuits on the chest and belt and ridges and curve details on the armor clearly. The cape is made of soft PVC which creates a cloth-like illusion. Vader is also coated in gloss, giving him a metallic finish. (source)


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