Thor Bishoujo Statue


This Thor Bishoujo Statue is designed by Shunya Yamashita and sculpted by M.I.C., and is almost 12 inches tall. This figurine is representation of the female Thor first introduced in Thor vol. 4, #1 (Oct. 2014).

The Bishoujo Statues is a series of statues based off of Shunya Yamashita’s illustrations of various movie, game, and comic characters in the Japanese bishoujo (young beautiful girls) style. All of these statues are 1/7 in scale and make a great collection when displayed together.

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Female Thor is raising her hammer, Mjolnir, above her head, she summons the thunder and winds that blow her cape, hair and skirt in a spectacular pose.
Her Asgardian armor is highly detailed, with metal and leather combining to give the Thunder Goddess a look all of her own. Thor’s head with helmet and mask can be exchanged for an unmasked version, revealing her identity as Jane Foster!


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