Zatanna Bishoujo Statue


Beautiful Sorceress  Zatanna appears in this brand new Japanese Bishoujo (pretty girl) styled statue. Using sleight of hand as well as her considerable beauty. Zatanna distracts you as she prepares to pull something out of her hat. The magician looks like she is frozen in mid-performance, wearing her stage costume and sculpted in a unique pose. Zatanna balances on one foot with the other pulled up under her as she leans to the side, dramatically aiming her wand at her outstretched top hat.

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The beguiling sorceress wears her classic costume, a feminine version of a traditional magician’s outfit with high heeled boots and fishnet stockings. White gloves, a black bodysuit, and a complex top with tuxedo elements. There is an incredible amount of sculpted detail in Zatanna’s intricate clothing as well as her long, flowing hair and captivating bishoujo-styled face. Sculpted by Takaboku Busujima (Busujimax). Zatanna stands just under 10 inches (25cm) tall on her specially designed display base.


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